What I learnt after I quit my full time Job

What I learned in these two years after I quit my job and went on to do something else

I quit my Job on 2nd April’15. So now it’s been more than two years. My life changed and I have never looked back. I never considered that whether I had taken a correct or wrong decision, I am simply flowing with the current.

Since the day I began this new venture my travel has increased a great deal. I started traveling more than earlier. People thought that my decision would go against me, but it didn’t happen. Yes, it was a disappointment for many. It was the hardest decision I have taken in my life till date. Because I didn’t have any idea that what I will be doing after coming back. No Job, no backup plan and no money as well.

While traveling through Europe, I saw a bunch of the great unwashed, who were in a varied profession. And the most significant thing I discovered that everybody was doing what they wanted to. Money was not a factor for them. I also talked to some of them and I got the same answer- “We don’t know if this was the thing we are looking for, but now this is the thing. Maybe we will be doing something else next time when you will meet us, but then also we will be happy and keep exploring. One should never fail to try.”

After getting back from Europe, I was left with 200 Euros. Many times, I felt broken, alone and unwanted. I always used to see my Europe photos and keep calm after that. But I never failed to try. I try daily and I failed daily. Soon after Six Months, Freaky Travel came into existence.

One should never stop believing in themselves. Always listen to your heart and do the things what you want to. However, I don’t know if Freaky Travel is my thing or not. But currently am into this. So never failed to try. You will face failure, embarrassment, criticism but never give up. As well, there will be some bad days, you will be wholly alone, you will see people besides you, are happy but then also don’t lose and don’t call back. Keep doing things what you were doing. Don’t stop here.

Colonel Harland Sanders, Jack Ma, Shakira etc. There are many live examples like this. These people never failed to try and see where they are now. So always try, try and try till you succeed.

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