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My name is Gautam Modi, an Indian Travel Blogger and I travel because it’s like breathing.

I got robbed in Paris, almost was about to die in Malaysia, Missed an International flight in Istanbul, was body searched by German customs, sometimes just breathing can get you in trouble.

That’s life spent living. I am 27 years old, currently based in Bengaluru, central south India.

Originally from hot and humid Kolkata, I come from a business class family. After working for 3 years as a financial analyst, with a highly reputed multinational company, and with a lifetime dream to travel around the world: I decided it’s time to make the dreams happen.

At the age of 26, March’15 I took the leap, I quit my job just to travel around Europe for 45 days.

After coming back from the trip, I felt like a new, my mind opened to new places, foods, and ways to live, I was anxious to face the daily routines waiting back at home, as I had decided it’s time to return to my desk.

After my backpacking adventure, seeing suited morning commuters, sitting quiet, immersed in their mobile phones didn’t make feel more at home either.

Then faith took meantime turn;

That desk was not available anymore.  I was really worried about the unknown, what should I do? Then finally after 6 months of readjusting and reflecting, I decided to become what I am,  a Digital Nomad, but I was not making enough to support my travel plans.

So in March’16, I decided on the new motto of my life- WORK SAVE and TRAVEL and now am going to stick to that.

How was I bitten by this Travel Bug?

I was never a travel freak. I didn’t take my first trip overseas until I was 23. Only travel with friends and family, I had no other travel experience. After completing my studies, I got a decent Job and 4 weeks a year holiday. So I wanted to use that time for travel.

My first trip abroad, in South East Asia, changed my mind.

After returning from the trip I was not able to sleep, not feel like working in a cubicle. In short, I was totally hooked. I wanted to tell people about my experience, about local people how they fared with tourist and most probably about the place.

I was very much fascinated by the beautiful city- Bangkok. I met many fellow travelers who were totally like me (jacked in their cubicle life and struggling to come out). This is how I got sick – for life.

The idea of Blogging?

This was an instant thought. I love to travel by myself,  but to share experience, with others is important too, otherwise what is the travel for, if you can’t share the joy. The world outside is ready for it too. I got to know the best medium is through blogging. I thought why not to give it a try.

I started meeting with a lot of people, to hear about their travel experiences. I was shocked to hear that so many people think ‘you need to be rich to travel’. Although travel needs money, first of all, it needs better financial planning.

I’ve attended many workshops on budget traveling by Avid Travelers. I want people to know that traveling doesn’t necessarily need a lot of money. I also want to share priceless benefits of traveling.

To take things further, I  have started a company to help others get on their adventures easier.

just drop me a line at freakytravel2002@gmail.com for personalized free quote, to find out how  I can do it for you, I’m here and happy to help.

This blog will provide you with useful information on travel. It will also give you tips on how to book a hotel or accommodation, flight tickets, Ideas and recommendation for trips, Insights about the cities visited and much more.

Enjoy your stay wherever you go.

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