Solo traveler on foot: World Tour !!

Is it sounding weird ! Yes, I know 🙂

If somebody is planning for World tour, people will call him insane because it is not possible to see each and every place on this planet.  Then what would you call this Spain National!  Out of his love and affection for nature and humanity he has already embarked on a world tour  covering 50,000 kms across 40 countries on foot. At Present: He is in Langkawi,Malaysia.

Pix by Hamzah Osman

Ignacio Dekan Mouliaa, 32 year old Spain National also known as “Nacho” started from his hometown – Madrid in March Last Year(2013), had arrived in Langkawi(Malaysia) from Phuket, Southern Thai.

He would be staying for 3 days in this Island to complete a 60 km walk before taking ferry to Kuala Perils. From here he will walk further down south to cover Singapore and Indonesia and then Australia.

What he said about it: Golden words

Walking around the world was my life long dream. I have targeted 5 years to complete my epic odyssey.”

I will be penning a book based on my experience throughout this Journey to share with others.”

He said- I have already covered several countries including Mediterranean, France, Italy, Slovenia, Hungary, Serbia, Bulgaria, Turkey, Iran, Bangladesh, Myanmar and Thailand.

“It is something that world told me I cannot do, but I have it from inside that I could do. I want to inspire others to fulfill their dreams,” he said.

Along the Journey , he will be writing articles, taking snaps&video and tweeting.




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