La Tomatina- 40,000 tomatoes wasted


Country Spain
Place Valencian, Buñol
Frequency Annual
When Last Wednesday in August









What’s weird in this ?

The story goes like this : In 1945 during a parade of the “little Rabbit” some woodland animals were eating all the watermelons , so people at the parade started throwing tomatoes, one missed and hit a person. Then they started throwing tomatoes- By Wikipedia

The Main story is here : It all began in 1945 when a group of youths who had gotten into a fight picked a tomato and threw on the others who were supposed to be the enemies. Soon police came  and arrested the rioters. Thus ending the fight. Again in the next year on the same Wednesday the youth met  in the same Square carrying tomatoes with them. This time again police came and they arrested the people. This is happening each and every year , then the day was announced as Tomatina day, despite of opposition from authorities. Earlier 1950, 50 Bunol city council banned the celebration of the feast but that did not stop others and they were arrested and taken to city jails. Neighbors turned up so they were all released quickly. Then in the late 1950 some people planned to celebrate the tomatoes funeral with singers , musician and comedians . Considering the popularity of this festival, the government made it as an official festival with certain rules and regulations. From then onwards the rules have gone through a lot of modifications over the year.

In 2013, Government  has made the rules that it will be restricted to 20000 people ( 5000 local and 15000 foreigners) and tickets will be sold online

Around 40,000 tomatoes are wasted in this festival.

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