Road trip to Mathura, Vrindavan and Agra


Well this is a futile attempt to put in words the experience of my first ever motorbike journey. It may not sound such a herculean task to the seasoned riders but for me it was certainly a task to be reckoned with.

With very much difficulty finally got the consent from parents for bike journey. I was so thrilled about this.There were two people, me and my bro Gautam as Pillion. The route for the journey was Delhi-Vrindavan-Mathura-Agra-Delhi (02nd oct 09 – 3rd oct 09) and CBZ-XTREME, the riding machine.

The excitement filled within me didn’t let me sleep the night before. We had to start the ride at 6.00am but got late by 1hr and finally were on the road by 7.00am. The morning breeze increased the excitement more and both of us were just enjoying it to the fullest. We took Mathura road (NH-2), till Palwal there was not much traffic in the morning but as we touched palwal, we encountered a massive city traffic but we managed to juggle it out well and soon we were on the smooth highway again.

We had our first pit stop at 9.00am at a Dhaba to get our bellies filled, as we both had nothing since we left and when we entered the dhaba, everyone was staring as if we were some dacoits who came with the loot on their horse, from inside I was feeling really happy of those stares, anyways it was now time to ingurgitate on the hot paranthas and tea. I must tell you that no restaurant can satisfy you better than the highway dhaba. We left from the dhaba at 9.30am and afterwards had few stops for the photography session. I can’t explain the feeling I got while riding, cruising in the middle of the road maintaining the speed of 80 kmph with lush green trees on both sides. Such a panoramic view it was.

We reached Vrindaban at 11.30am, checked in and rested for sometime. At 1.15pm we had lunch and ate like we were starving for days. Rested till evening and then went to temple for the Darshan. After the darshan we went for some shopping and also in search for dinner. Unfortunately the market near the place we stayed didn’t had any proper eating joint, only sweet shops which had samosas and other snack options. And we were in no mood to have that stuff, we needed proper food. After so much of wandering and thinking what to do, we went on our bike in search of food and not very far away we found a dhaba. I can’t tell what a relief it was to see a dhaba.

We had our dinner and went to the room for a good night’s sleep. Had to get up early so that we can reach Mathura by 9.00am as per the plan, but I was really tired to get out of the bed. Gautam was dancing here and there and did everything to wake me up. We were already late and reached Mathura at 10.30am instead of 9.00am (one n half hours late). We went there to visit Krishna’s birth place and managed to get it done quickly as it was not crowded much. After spending an hour we left for our next destination Agra to see the TAJ MAHAL. The highway is really in very good condition and one can drive easily at an avg. speed of 80 kmph.

It took 2.5 hrs to reach Taj Mahal, just because of Agra city’s traffic. I was really thrilled to get inside and capture the beauty on my camera. After all the hustle-bustle, there I was standing in front of one of the most beautiful monuments in the world.

The Taj Mahal is really one of the most splendid masterpieces of architecture in the world. Its stunning architectural beauty is beyond adequate description. Different people have different views of the Taj but it would be enough to say that the Taj has a life of its own that leaps out of marble, provided you understand that it is a monument of love.

Captured lots of pictures, we finally left for Delhi at 3.30pm. We were enjoying the ride very much as we were close to our accomplishment. We had only one stop for lunch, as we wanted to cover as much distance as possible before it gets dark. When we were just 65 odd kms away from Delhi, I was really happy thinking that everything went fine and no issues with the bike and suddenly the bike stopped honking, the horn broke down. I was in the middle of the highway in the dark with no horn. From there onwards I had to drive slowly to avoid any mishap. We searched for the mechanic on the way but no one was able to repair it, after wasting ½ an hr we gave up and decided to continue like that only. As we approached nearer to Delhi, we got stuck in the traffic and on top of that no horn.

I was unable to do anything at that time. At last we managed to get out of there. As we both reached home our butts were waiting to get itself freed from the motorbike’s seat. It was burning like hell and I wanted a big block of ice to get my butt off that fire.

Anyways when I reached home, I exclaimed ‘success’ for I had completed my first journey. Now I feel like a true Biker. I travelled a good 480 kms touching the speed of 110 kmph for two times in the whole journey.

Somewhere I read “A man, who travels, learns more than a man who reads from a book”. I so much agree with this quote.

So friends bye for now till we go for another ostentatious journey like this.

Drive Safely and Enjoy Life


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