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Solo traveler on foot: World Tour !!

Ignacio Dekan Mouliaa, 32 year old Spain National also known as “Nacho” started from his hometown – Madrid in March Last Year(2013), had arrived in Langkawi(Malaysia) from Phuket, Southern Thai…Read More





Teenager Hangover story- Night in Oldham and woke up in a toilet in Paris

Luke Harding, a 19 year old Sheet Metal Worker from Manchester went out clubbing with his mates and  eventually woke up in a toilet cubicle at Paris Airport,500 miles from where he started. An unexpected excursion. The news spread like wildfire..Read More




First person to walk 4250 miles along Africa’s mightiest river

Yet another freak Levison Wood , a Britisher has started his expedition which caught the attention of many. Everybody must be thinking..Read More


Shy engineer turns superstud after Thailand trip

He is from Bangalore only. Prashant Sharma, an IT Professional. He went last month to the holy place for Bachelors and become a super stud from a shy boy…Read More


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