Extreme Dangerous Airports around the World



Airport huh!!

When anybody hear this word, our heart filled with delight. Because it’s time to travel and almost every person fond of traveling.

But anybody had ever believed, that it can be dangerous to fly from the Airport, it can risk your life /. Granting to the majority of the pilot, take off and landing are the most grievous facets of a trajectory. Let’s contain a look today at the most extreme and hazardous airports around the globe.

And then, tighten your seat belts and here we start-

1) Paro International Airport, Bhutan

Paro Airport

Pix by: photo bundle

It is the only International Airport in Bhutan. It is an extremely dangerous airport to set down and get away. Till now only 8 Pilots are licensed to land at this airport. The airport is situated at 7,300 ft above the ocean floor. The airport runway is scary because of its narrow width (only 30 m but normally it is 45 m). Airplanes that fly in from outside required Bhutanese pilots to serve them to navigate the region. Along all the sides, it is hemmed in by mounds and high elevations. “Travel and Leisure” rated Paro as the Scariest Runway of the World in 2008.

2) Madeira International Airport, Portugal

Pix by: Madeira Islands Tourism, CC-BY, via Flicker

Located in a small Island, Madeira far off the coast of Portugal, one of the oldest airport in Europe. It is notable for its dangerous short runway and surrounded by mountain on one side and sea on the other. Original runway of 5000 ft now extended to over 9000 ft by building a massive grinder bridge supported by 200 pillars which are 70 m heights. History Channel program- Most Extreme Airports ranked it as the 9th most dangerous airport in the globe.

3) Juancho E. Yrausquin Airport, Caribbean-Saba, Netherlands Antilles

Juancho E. Yrausquin Airport 1

Pix by: Cool Weirdo

Located in the Netherlands Island in the Caribbean called SABA. The landing strip is only 1300 ft. As this airport is officially closed, those wishing to land at this Airport must obtain aWaiver in order to land. Highly skilled pilots can land the planes on this Airport.

4) Tenzing Hillary Airport, Nepal


Pix by: Sim Tours

Located in Nepal, also known as Lukia Airport. It was renamed to honor the first climbers to arrive at the top of Mount Everest- Sherpa Tenzing Norgay and Edmund Hillary. The airport is at the base camp of Mount Everest, serves those who likes to go up Mount Everest.  The landing strip is only 400 meters and can only accommodate small planes and choppers.

  5) Gibraltar International Airport,Gibraltar

Gibraltar 1

Pix by: dematic.com

Located in Gibraltar, a small British territory. It is seen as unitary of the dangerous airport in Europe. It has been the Civilian airport located only 500 meters from the Gibraltar City Center, the runways passes through the urban center as shown in the image to a higher place. Due to this when the plane lands/take off the road has to be shut down.

6) Barra International Airport, Scotland


Pix by: James Gray via Wikimedia Commons

Also known as Barra Eoligarry Airport, located on a beach called Traigh Mhor at the northern tip of Scottish island Barra. Actually, this is the only beach that uses sandy beach as the runway. It has three runways marked by permanent wooden poles at their conclusions. And the most interesting region is that whenever there is high tide these runways are under the sea and flight timings may change with the tide. In 2011, this airport was voted No.1 in the world’s top airports by a poll conducted by privatefly.com.

7) Ice Runway, Antarctica

Ice Runway , Antarctica

Pix by: Eli duke page on flickr

It served the McMurdo station in Antarctica. The runway is constructed annually when the ocean ice freezes. Due to this, it is used only in Winters. The runway is capable of handling wheeled Aircraft. The real challenge on this airport is that the weight of the aircraft and cargo doesn’t burst the ice or stuck in soft snow.

8) Gustav III  Airport, St.Jean Village(Caribbean Island of Saint Barthelemy)

Gustaf 111 Airport

Pix by: airspot.ru

Also known as Saint Barthelemy and Saint-Jean. It is nominated in the honor of Swedish King Gustav III. The runway strip is at the foot of a gentle slope and ends on the beach itself. Departing planes fly right over the head of the sunbathers. It is situated along the second largest township on the Island- St. Jean.

9) Kansai International Airport, Osaka, Japan

Kansai international Airport

pix by: friends corner

As well known as Sinking Airport, built along a man made island – Osaka, Japan. It is 4km long and 1 km broad. The path to get to the Island is the worlds longest 2 tiered bridge. The main reason to build this airport is to withstand earthquake and typhoons, but the artificial island is itself breaking down quicker than anticipated

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