Teenager Hangover story- Night in Oldham and woke up in a toilet in Paris


Another Freak. Yes, i know the title is eye catching but unfortunately its true. In this world people do different kind of things and this is also the part of it. I bet no hangover can be worsen than this or u can say it was the best one i have ever heard.

Good night out? Luke Harding took a picture of himself in front of the Arc de Triomphe after he ended up in Paris following a night out in Oldham, Manchester


Luke Harding, a 19 year old Sheet Metal Worker from Manchester went out clubbing with his mates and used Passport as ID.  After that when he took a Cab home , he found passport in his pocket and immediately  decided to go abroad ( he was drunk). The taxi driver was shocked when he asked him to head immediately to Manchester Airport. After that he book the ticket using his Mobile Phone for the french Capital, Paris for £100.

The 19 year old then eventually woke up in a toilet cubicle at Paris Airport,500 miles from where he started. An unexpected excursion. The news spread like wildfire.

The Question that arises in my mind is that- If he was drunk then how he manage to travel ? Also nobody at the time of travel get to know his state?

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