Lust List

It’s now almost 4 yrs since I started traveling. I came across a lot of stuff, what’s already there on my wish list and constantly adding to it.

Here’s is the list:

  • Euro Trip: 20-25 days covering almost 10 countries with my Rucksack
  • Route No- 66
  • Wild Safari: Covering Masai Mara and Serengeti National Park for 30 days
  • Play with Chimpanzee in Uganda
  • Rajasthan Trip with backpackers
  • Explore Bangkok City
  • Paragliding in Himachal Pradesh
  • Live in New York and Shanghai
  • Family Trip to South East Asian countries
  • Cover 30 Countries before 30
  • Bachelor party in Bangkok
  • Volunteer in Tiger temple, Kanchanaburi
  • Tiger trail in Madhya Pradesh
  • Travel to Russia
  • Witness the burning man festival
  • Live like a hippie
  • See the Kl city from KL tower
  • Spend Christmas and New Year in Thailand
  • Travel to Europe
  • Explore Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos

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