Amazing Themed Restaurants around the world

I bet! Themed Restaurants you have never heard of, beyond imagination. Not even a wildest dreamer can dream of this.

Mostly, people focus on that restaurants which serves great food or have great ambience.

But sometimes , its fun to step outside your comfort zone and try something  new. Like Dinner on the loo!! Anyone?

Here I presents the bizarre themed restaurants around the world:


By Top Ten Brands


1) Twin Stars, Moscow,Russia

PC: Thats more like it

Must be thinking what is this !

Russia has a new themed restaurant where all upfront staff work alongside their twins- As per BBC World

Every twins are dressed identically. The owner- Alexi Chodorkovski decided to employ only twins in his bar.


2) Modern Toilet Restaurant, Taiwan and Hong Kong

File:Modern Toilet Restaurant2.jpg

PC: Wikipedia

Nobody has ever thought of sitting on the toilet seat for eating 🙂

Yes, its true. It is a bathroom themed restaurant. Guests sit on toilet seat whereas Ice-cream and other dish are served in a container shaped like a toilet.


3) Barbie Cafe, Taipei, Taiwan


Taiwan, already known for its themed restaurant is also the home of one of the first Barbie themed restaurant. Inaugurated on 30th Jan’2013 by US toy company,MATTEL INC. for Barbie lovers.


4) Dinner in the sky, Worldwide

             PC: Sky event

Its amazing huh! Dinner in the sky hosts 22  people over 160 ft in the air on a 20 ft long platform for the amazing dinner party that can be organize almost anywhere.

To find out more Click here

5) Disaster Cafe,Lloret de Mar,Spain



Feel the earthquake every time you order the meal.The place is so popular you actually need to make reservations in advance, in order to be get a table.

6) Cabbages and Condom, Bangkok, Thailand

PC: Creek more world

Its an amazing garden restaurant in Sukhumvit, Bangkok. It is fully decorated with condom. The restaurant is the part of NGO that supports AIDS awareness. Food is awesome.

7) Chillout, Dubai, UAE

PC: Yalla Banana

This place offers a continental menu , first ice lounge that serves hot food and beverages. Guests are given hooded parkas, gloves and shoes at the entrance.


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