Shy engineer turns superstud after Thailand trip



One of mine friend has share this post with me. I know u all must be thinking that wtf it is. But believe me its true.


He is from Bangalore only. Prashant Sharma, an IT Professional. He went last month to the holy place for Bachelors and become a super stud from a shy boy. His friends were astonished that how this transformation has taken place. According to his friends, he was even afraid of talking to girls because of his engineering background but when they went to Thailand with him it was a new Prashant that came out. They told it was not looking like that this guy was ever shy talking to girls.

The following questions that pop up to my mind after reading this post:

1) Who was the well wisher of Prashant?
2) From where this question arises to overcome this shyness?
3) What was the root cause of this problem?
4) How visiting Thailand was the solution for it?
5) What his friends says about this sudden change?
6) What Tourism Experts say about it?
7) What Prashant really felt there which brought about sudden change in him?

I know u guys must be very much intrigued to know the answers to these questions.
Keep thinking. May be it is time to experience it yourself.

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