Bizarre Festivals

Welcome to Freaky Travels special take on Bizarre Festivals from around the world. It’s been a modest attempt to accumulate the weirdest / bizarre information about the festivals around the world. We Indians are very fond of festivals. If we start celebrating each and every festival, then each and every day one or the other will be there. Also the strange part is that people has reasons also to celebrate.

While i was browsing the net i thought to search for the type of festivals which one cannot think about. I went in so deep and was really astonished to go through the details. I have read books , article and Journals and wanted to give a write up to it so that i can share it with my readers.

So let me take you to the different Journey , more precisely to a different world where these festivals are celebrate.

1) La Tomatina – Around 40,000 tomatoes wasted

2) Mud Festival South Korea- Mud or Cosmetics ?????

3) Songkran Festival

4) Monkey buffet festival- Is it

5) Pamplona Bull Run- Running with the Bulls

6) Baby Jumping Festival

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