All About Indonesia

Ulun Danu Temple


Bali: City Introduction

Bali is an Island and a province of Indonesia with a population of around 4 million. Bali is mainly dominated by Hindu comprising 80% of the Population. 

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Amazing People I met while traveling through Indonesia

It was an amazing experience traveling through Indonesia. I travelled to Bali, Gili and Jakarta. In Gili people were very much adorable and they talk to each other by calling them brother. It’s a very frinedly enviorment and was feeling more secure than I am at my parents home. Even the girls were walking alone at midnight and also early morning, but nobody was passing any lewd comments or doing something. People were so good in Gili. I have never anticipated that I will meet so many

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Gili Air

Gili Air- One step closer towards Heaven

Yes, it was totally a different world. And moreover, it was looking like a heaven. The people were so real and so was the air. 

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