Unbelievable and Amazing places that really exist



“The use of traveling is to regulate imagination by realty and instead of thinking how things may be , to see them as they are.”- Samuel Johnson

You guys must be thinking, today what I want to talk about!

Imagination to realty is somewhat possible but did you ever think that there can be something beyond your imagination and still it exist!

Our world is full of wonders that new and amazing places are discovered each and everyday. It can be by any traveler, photographers or any common person.

So lets go in detail about the amazing and mind blowing places which exist in realty:


1) Tunnel of Love, Ukraine

 2) Zhangye Danxia Landform, China

Rainbow Mountain 

Pix by: avaxnews

3) Shibazakura flowers tikinoue park, Japan

Pix by: Yumliv.com

4) Lavender fields, UK and France 

5) Tulip fields in Netherlands 

6)Lake Retba, Senegal, Africa(naturally occurred pink colored lake)

7) Salar de Uyuni, Bolivia, South America

Largest Natural Mirror

8) Flowers Paradise at Hitachi Seaside Park, Japan 


Pix by: Shin—k

9) Red Beach, Panjin, China

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