Travel Insurance: Is it a Scam?

Travel Insurance: Scam or a Life-Saving Drug while you are overseas

Travel Insurance is one of the most important things to buy for your trip- No matter how long you are going away.

Every person cares about their Life so they take Life Insurance. But most of the masses are unaware that they should call for cover even while they are traveling. Travel Insurance is a much needed because anything can happen when you are traveling alone or with your family. So, a cover is a must.

People are unaware of the cost we pay for travel Insurance. It is very Minimal. Rs 1000 for 14 days of my travel and owning a maximum coverage of Accident and Sickness Medical Expense Reimbursement- 5,00,000 USD. Apart from this there a lot of other coverages also like you missed your flight, your luggage is lost, Loss of Passport, Hijack etc. So, it’s totally worth, the price we paid for.

But beware.

Please read all the condition before buying the Insurance. Also, understand the documentation needed to claim. After satisfying yourself about the inclusions of the policy, buy it.

The following are the Instances I have faced till date:


  • I lost my baggage at Gili Air

At the time of claim, the company told me that we need the FIR Copy issued by the Police Station. But there was no police station on that island. Unfortunately, nothing happened after that. The company told this is our policy. Without FIR Copy, we cannot go forward.


  • I lost my Cell Phone in Paris

I led to the Police Station and take the copy of FIR but still, I was denied the claim because Items of a personal nature is not insured.


  • Once my travel got canceled

 I asked for the refund of the amount I paid for travel insurance. They told me to post the scan copy of each page of passport to check whether I have traveled or not. And this claim I did one day after the date of departure. For E.g. I was about to trip on 19th Jan and I went to the company on 20th Jan. How absurd of these Indian companies to ask for these sorts of evidence.


  • I missed my international flight

When I was traveling from Istanbul to Berlin, I missed that Flight. So, after that when I call insurance company they told me to get a letter from the Airline Company, which states that I missed the flight.


The company, which I used was TATA AIG.


Still, I will suggest taking travel insurance, but before that, make sure about the above things from your agent. There can be many extraordinary situations like what I have seen. Hence please work through the policy in detail before purchasing this.



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