The journey from a softcore adult artist to a superstar (Oops- Legend)



Today’s story is not an ordinary one. Many of us know about him, about his struggle but it’s not all. It’s more than what usually people know. The story never told and never heard but still it’s true.


Early life

  •  Was born in New York and did schooling in Philadelphia. Met an accident, which lead to paralyze his lip, tongue and chin at a very early age.
  • Parents got separated at a very early age (1957). At 15 he moved to Philadelphia to live with his mom.
  • At 18, started lifting weights. Following graduation he received an Athletic Scholarship for the American School of Switzerland.
  • There he was a girl’s athletic coach and in the spare time he starred in a school play.
  • ·This was the turning point in his life and the experience inspired him to become an actor.

Early days as an actor

  •  He started studying drama at University of Miami until he decided to go to New York to pursue his dream in 1969.
  • Started auditioned frequently but either got rejected or managed to get only stage work.
  • Eventually got into an adult industry and acted in a softcore adult movie (I will not disclose the name) in 1970. It was his first film where he worked for only 2    days and got 200 USD.
  • Thereafter, in 1971 he acted in Woody Allen’s “Bananas”, also turned down “Godfather”(nobody knows the reason)
  • Was getting discouraged and channeled his frustration in writing, some of which were produced also. Still auditioning but no results.
  • He started getting films but none attracted real attention. Got married in 1974 and moved to California with his wife in the hope of building their acting careers. But still he was empty hand.

Now starts the story ( a real one)

This is one of the saddest story ever told. One of the biggest and the most famous personality. He was everybody’s favorite. Till now also (2014) people get crazy when they heard his name.

Ok, I break the suspense- Some people call him Rocky & some Rambo and people like me call him “Italian Stallone”

His name is Sylvester Stallone- Born on 6th July 1946


Back in the day (1976) he was a struggling actor. His situation was not good and it became so worse and so he even stole his wife’s jewelry and sold it. This is not it, he even become homeless and slept for 3 days at New York bus station (no money to pay rent or buy food).

Also, no money to feed his dog. So one day he tried to sell his dog to a stranger at a liquor store. He sold him at 25$ only. (Really don’t know how he would have felt and managed).

After some days, as he was passing by the lane; his eyes caught something that changed his life- A boxing match between Mohammad Ali and Chuck Wepner. This was the turning point in his life. He got so much of inspiration from match that he started writing a script which later on transformed in a famous movie: ROCKY!!

He wrote that in 20 hrs!! He tried to sell it and also got the offer of 1, 25,000/- USD. But he had one request that he wanted to act in the film and moreover the main lead himself as “ROCKY”. But they said they wanted a real hero. They said-“He looked funny and also the way he speaks is pathetic. Didn’t know how to tell the dialogues”. They only want a script so they offered him 3, 50, 000/- USD also but still he refused.


Then finally they accept and gave him 35,000/- USD and let him star in it. Then what happened you all know- It created history. The movie won many awards at Oscar, even he was also nominated in Best Actor category. And it became America’s greatest movie ever and inducted in the American film registry. And the most important: Do anyone know what he bought first with that $35,000??

The dog he sold. He went to the same liquor store to find the man whom he had sold it. He waited there for 3 days. Then, finally on 3rd day that man came with the dog. He was not ready to sell the dog. He even refused for $1,000/- and finally Stallone had to pay $15,000/-(Believe it or Not).


So what is the Moral of the story-?

Have you ever had a dream? A dream which let you to do that you have never done. Or you think that you don’t have a capacity to fulfill it or you are really small to dream of it?? Yes, I have been in this situation many times.

Always remember Life is tough. People don’t want you, they only want what you deliver. They will criticize you, always try to crash your hopes. Even your dream is not fulfill, you will broke and will do such odd jobs for living and end up sleeping on the streets. It’s true, very true.

No one knows what you are capable of except yourself. So please never give up. Always fight for your glory. The journey will not be easy; even if it means selling all your clothes and dog (like Stallone) and sleeping on a platform, it’s Okay!! Perfectly fine. But as long as you are still alive your story is not yet over- believe me.

So never stops dreaming till you are alive………..

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