St Petersburg: The Cultural Capital of Russia


My first impression was like- Where am I! It was the worst feeling when I reached SPB. It was looking like a very old city. Since it was raining, everything was looking dull.  I booked my Accommodation on Nevsky Street- the best place to live in SPB. The name of the Hostel was The Wing. The hostel was situated on the 4th Floor of a very old building. It was cold and raining whole day.


Peter the Great built it. He built this city after defeating the Finnish army in Northern war. It was a swamp originally, but after that Peter the Great transforms it entirely. He built many Palaces and such as his Summer Palace, winter palace, Peter Fortress along the river and many more. He himself was a great architecture. He travelled through Europe to see the most beautiful architectures and after that, he built all of them. Therefore, if you visit these places you can resemble it with the architecture of Europe. It is one of the most beautiful city of Russia. In 17th and 18th Century, St Petersburg was named as the Capital of Russia.

When Peter was building the city, there was a shortage of stone. Therefore, he ordered that whoever visit this place would bring one stone with them. Moreover, in this way the construction gets completed. It seems to be strange but it is a fact.

Why I love SPB the most-

1)    Most of the people speak English, unlike Capital where they do not speak English

2)    The third deepest Metro Station and some of the beautiful metro stations in Russia.

3)    If you want to explore the city then no need to take the metro, only walking will suffice.

4)    Umbrella is must because it rain most of the Times.

5)    the most beautiful Palaces in all over Russia is here.

6)    SPB is the most beautiful city I have seen to date at Night. It glitters like a diamond at Night.

7)    It seems to be the safest city I visited to date.

8)    Walking at night on the streets of the SPB is the best thing one can do while living in SPB.

9)    People are very much helpful, unlike Capital City.

10) The night tour of SPB to see the Bridge opening is the best thing one can do and see.

11) Experience the cold at Night.


In order to experience the Best Part of Russia, one must visit St Petersburg.

What to do

–      Take a walking tour with a local Guide

–      Visit Peter and Paul Fortress, to know in depth about St Petersburg

–      Visit Catherine Palace

–      Hermitage Museum is a Must visit for Art Lovers

–      Night Boat Tour- Divorce of Bridges

–      Puppet Show

–      Souvenir Shopping

–      Local Russian Delicacies are easily available on Nevsky Prospect

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