Paris- City Introduction


Paris needs no introduction. Whenever anybody thinks about Paris the first matter that comes in mind is Eiffel. Yes, Eiffel is the symbol of Paris. One of the greatest visited monument/ tower in the world. People say it is the most romantic city of the world. Yes, it is.

I was super charged up when I was contriving to move to Paris. It was entirely because of Eiffel. I wanted to see the Eiffel from the top, but it was on the other side of the Airport. Anyways, I know that am going to stay in Paris for a week, so I was ok with that.

Eventually I landed in Paris. Hurray!! It is really cold outside. Everywhere all white sophisticated people, yes, now am in First world nation. From the airport, I got a train to get to my friend’s house in Jourdain. It was the neighbourhood and far off from tourists. I was taking the air along the streets of Paris after getting down from the gearing.

Streets of Paris

It was all quiet and very less people on the road. Roads were not neat every bit we invariably remember. But even so it was looking okay. Footpaths were well kept.

Public Toilets

Public toilets on each intersection. Traffic was too easily preserved without any police. Walkers were crossing the road only when it is green. All vehicles were stopping at a red light even if there is no pedestrian. People were having good traffic sense. I saw one adult male, he was crossing the road when it was red, the vehicle stopped coming from the way and permit that man first to cross unlike my country where people race their car just because they don’t want others to perish. I was feeling really bad.

Anyways, I move forward and finally I reached her home. She received me with a big smile as if I recognize her for long time. I was very surprised by this gesture because I believed these things happens only in my country. All over people are same it’s just that they look different and talk different languages.

The following things I came across while living in for a week in Paris:

1) People speak only French.

2) Three times in a day, local people eat only Baguette.


3) Here people are very fond of Smoking.

4) The urban centre is easily linked through local transport.

5) For commuting in a city you can take cycles (Velib) on rent.

Cycling in Paris

6) Roller skates and two wheeled scooters are common along roads.

7) Here people are very much fond of wine. At any times of the day they will prefer to drink wine.

8) Weekends are the best in Paris. Everybody will be relaxing not at their dwelling but in the garden in front of Eiffel. Yes, in that respect are many gardens in Paris.

Gardens of Paris

9) For Parisians now is the best season- April to May.

10) Masses are very much passionate about racing.

11) You will find Graphities on almost all the wall of Paris.

Graphiti in Paris

12) At least the two most important words you should recognize if you are in France: Bonjour and Merci.

It is enough for now. In good order now am traveling towards my next destination which is 330 kms from Paris- Brussels.

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