Moscow- Truly deserves to be the Capital city of Russia

Red Square- Moscow

It was the third City I visited in Russia.  I was damn excited because I have been in Russia for 10 days and I have not seen Capital. I really wanted to see Moscow because I had heard a lot about it.

Finally the day comes. I took a night train from a city called Tolyatti. The train was beautiful and very much safe. The only problem was none spoken English. It took 16 hrs to reach Moscow.

It truly deserves to be a Capital. I have read that most of the Billionaires in the World live in Moscow. Yes, I have experienced that. It was the costliest city in all the places I have visited in Russia. I can see all the Luxury Cars on the road and Merc Maybach was looking like a taxi. Even Uber was giving BMW SUV. Therefore, those who wants to experience luxury has gone to Moscow.

The walking tour is the best thing to do. The benefits are listed below:

–      You will have a local guide will tell you something which nobody would have told you.

–      If you are keen on trying local cuisine or buying souvenirs, your guide will assist you.

–      Whatever questions you have about the city you can ask him/her

Therefore, I started with the Walking Tour of the amazingly expensive capital city.

My findings about Moscow are as below:

1)    The name Moscow comes from the river Moskva. The city is situated on the banks of the river.

2)    In 2017, Moscow becomes 870 years old.

3)    At 15th and 16th Century, Moscow was the Capital City but in 17th and 18th Century St Petersburg becomes the capital because King, Peter the Great moved his government to the newly built city- St Petersburg, situated on the Baltic Coast. However, after the Success of the Russian Revolution in 1907, Lenin shifted the capital to Moscow again. He feared of Foreign Invasion, so he did that.

4)    We all know the famous Red Square in Moscow, but anybody knows why it is called as a Red Square? Because, Red means beautiful in Russian. Therefore, it is called a Beautiful Square.

5)    If anybody have visited this beautiful square, must have seen a Shopping Mall at Front of Kremlin. Do you know the reason behind it? Once there was a great fire in Moscow, which destroys the whole city. So in order the save the Kremlin from the fire, he builds the Street and a shopping mall so that fire should not reach Kremlin.  Therefore, the Beautiful Red Square you see today is because of this reason.

6)    Napoleon tried to take this beautiful St Basil Cathedral in France, but he was not successful. At first the day on which he decided, that day temperature was -50 degrees in Moscow. Then he tried to destroy that Cathedral, so he laid mines all around the cathedral. However, on that day, it rained and his plan failed again. 

7)    Our guide told us: Visit Russia before Russia visits you. Yes, she was correct. You will get to know when you will return from your Russia Trip.

8)    Arbat Street and Nikolskaya Street are the two main Pedestrian Street of Moscow. Arbat Street is the tourist street full of Souvenir Shops, Restaurant, shopping, etc. In addition, Nikolskaya Street is related to the history of Moscow. Both are must visit streets.

9)    Metro is inevitable in Moscow. If you want to travel in the city, then Metro is the best option. Just pay 55 RUB and go anywhere you want. In addition, if you are staying for 3 -4 days you can opt for the unlimited ride ticket, I bought a 3 day unlimited pass for 400 RUB.

10) Download the Yandex map in order to travel solo in Russia. It is very much helpful for me. You will also get the metro map of Moscow and St Petersburg in this Application. 

11) Souvenir Shopping is almost double the price in Moscow. Therefore, if you want to buy Souvenirs either buy it from some other city or at the Moscow railway station.

12) Moscow is different at night, but it is same as other city.


In order to know more about Moscow, Visit Moscow. If you have, any questions about Moscow write it in the comment section.

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