Kazan: Cultural and Sports capital of Russia

Kazan needs no Introduction. If you are Visiting Russia then this place is a must visit the place. It’s the Sports and Cultural Capital of Russia. Local Russians liked this place a lot and they travel almost twice a year for a vacation. Also, you will see many sports enthusiast teenagers here. Russian Federation Cup 2017 was hosted by Kazan.

Kazan is the capital city of the Tatarstan region of Russia. It is in the South West region of Russia. Tatarian people are totally different from the rest of Russia. They have their own local food and culture. The local Kazan people are very much calm. And it always celebrates some of the other sports and it truly deserves to be a sports capital of Russia. A few days ago, it hosted Russian Federation Cup 2017 and now when I was in Kazan it was Red Bull Air Racing from 22-23rd July’17. And next year it’s going to host 2018 FIFA World Cup. The below are some of the facts of this beautiful city of Tatarstan.

  • Altogether people of 100 nationalities live in Kazan and 150 different kinds of religion they follow. And they all live together happily.
  • Here people don’t speak English, nor its written anywhere on Roads.
  • The most spoken languages are Tatarian and Russian.
  • The local Staple food is Horse Meat

  • This is not merely the oldest urban center in Russia, but also in Eastern Europe after Prague and Kiev.
  • It is also named as the Third Capital of Russia.
  • It has two pedestrian street: Bauman Street and Pushkin Street. It is likewise one of the best spots to stay in Kazan.

  • It has a cold Summer and even the temperature is 26 degrees, still, it will be cold because of winds.
  • It also has a temple called as Temple of all Religion.
  • Kazan most famous landmark: Kazan Kremlin, became a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2000. It’s a must to visit. Take an Audio Guide and mesmerize yourself with the history and the beauty of the Kremlin.

  • Its famous sweet is Chak Chak- Fried Honey Cake
  • It has some of the most beautiful Cathedrals of Russia.

So, if you are a sports enthusiast and love to explore different cultures then this is the place. It’s only 1 hrs 30 mins of flight from Moscow. So, it’s easy to reach. Stay for at least 4 days to explore this beautiful city.



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