25 years old Juggler from Japan


I met him at Genting Highlands, Kuala Lumpur. He was here to perform his stunts 🙂 , Just joking. He was here to perform on a stage. It was fully crowded. The stage was ready, people were waiting and suddenly music started and one guy wearing mask started performing. He was doing something with a crystal ball in his hand. Then after 5 mins he removed his mask and was all set to Juggle. When i heard  the word ”Juggle” I was really excited.

He was telling about himself and what he was going to perform. But at last what he told I was really Inspired by that, his words- “ I am going to perform juggling with 8 balls, if you all like my performance then please clap for me and at the end give me money because I want money to be alive. I don’t have any other source of Income. Also, I don’t know anything other than Juggling.”

After that when he started performing , I was really surprised :-0 . I was not expecting such a kind of performance from him. I was really convinced that he deserves applaud & money.

It was looking like : “He was born to Juggle”. After 8 balls juggling he told– “Now I will show you something that has never been performed or seen by anybody on this earth. I will show you 9 balls juggling. I have never tried or done that previously. If I will be successful then it is a miracle.”

Everybody was looking at each other’s face :s. And then when he started he failed 2 to 3 times but at the end he did it. I had now decided that I will talk to him. So as the show got finished everybody was giving money to him. But I don’t have RM so I gave him INR(2000). After the show I started Questioning him:

Q1) From where you got to know that Juggling is your element?

Ans- My father was a Juggler, from childhood I saw him doing juggling. From the age of 2 yrs only he started giving me training and he wanted me to become the world champion. Then slowly it was getting into my nerves and then when I was 6 yrs old I participated in Juggling contest and won. I did juggling with 4 balls. Then slowly I got to know that this is my Element.

Q2) So did you become world champion?

Ans- Yes, I am world champion in Juggling for last 2 years.

Q3) So your family support you?

Ans- When I was 18th my father died , then everybody wants me to do some work. But I know only juggling. So after working for 2 years in Japan as a worker in some factory I got frustrated and left the job. Also, I left my home.

Q4) How you earn your living and what you are doing for last 5 years?

Ans- As I told I know only Juggling. I go to different places, country’s and perform on road, hotels or anywhere. Like this only I Earn and Live. I live at one place for 3-4 months.  I want to do this only throughout my life.

I was really inspired with this man. He is doing what he wants to do and no regrets.

Click here: To see the video

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