It’s not the destination, it’s you who decides the budget

It’s not the destination, it’s You who decides the budget

Nowadays, people travel a lot. Life today can be quite stressful and what could be a better stress buster than traveling. However, the major problem people face is in deciding where to go and what to do. Some prefer exploring and having fun where as some prefer doing nothing. I have been traveling since 5 years and whenever I plan a trip, I have a budget in mind. Accordingly, I make a plan for that particular destination and this works perfectly for me. However, the major crunch is not being sure about how much they want to spend for a particular destination. They have a pre-conceived notion in their mind that this particular destination will fall in this price band and so on.



This is not a notion but a misconception, which occurs due to lack of knowledge about that particular destination. For example- South East Asian countries are comparatively cheaper than western countries. This is very wrong. It all depends on where you go and what you do at that place. If we do not judge people, than how we can judge a destination.

When it comes to Euro Trip- People are ready to spend Rs 1, 00,000 per person but if it is Thailand or any other similar destination, then the budget comes to 40,000-50,000 per person. I do not know how people quantify this. Thailand and Europe both have lots to do and lots to see. However, Yes, I agree that in Thailand the cost of living is not as high as Europe but it does not mean that Thailand is any cheaper of a destination than European countries

Instances I faced

Since I am a travel planner, I came across many instances, some of which are as follows:

  • One of my clients was planning for Bali, so we asked him about his budget. He told make it as good as possible. We gave him a package of 20 lakh for 7N. Yes for Bali 7N- 20 Lakhs rupees. He was dumbstruck when he saw the package and finally he told us his budget.


  • Many people find it difficult to even set a budget, leading to bad planning and a waste of time and money.


  • I know a few people who did a Europe Trip in less than what normally people spend on trips to South East Asian Countries. It all depends on your planning and your interests.


  • Some people spend so less on a Europe Trip and they think that other destinations should be cheaper. In addition, these kind of people are looking for Thailand Package 4N/5D for 80 USD, Bali 3N/4D 95 USD and so on.


So it is not the place that decides the budget, it is you.

The number of foreign tourists visiting India has increased and some of them happen to be friends, so I asked them, that since India is such a diversified country, how they managed their spending. Most of them had the same answer- “When we plan to go to Rajasthan, we have the idea that we have to spend a lot there because there will be many people who will overcharge us and without which we cannot see Rajasthan. Nevertheless, when it comes to Goa, it is cheaper because we do not have to spend much.”

I hope you understood the hidden meaning there.

Therefore, this is the main reason why we quit our job. Our main motto is to -Ease the definition of Traveling. We give free travel consultancy to all our clients. First, we educate them about the destination and only then, we proceed to booking.

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