First person to walk 4250 miles along Africa’s mightiest river

Yet another freak Levison Wood , a britisher has started his expedition which caught the attention of many. Everybody must be thinking what is the expedition. He started his adventure  to walk the length of the Nile. I am damn serious about it. It caught the senses of Bear Grylls , who was the first person to thought about it and he attempted also but not completed. Last Sunday he has started his journey.

Previously also many people had tried but it was not worth it. Now if he completed his year long journey of 4250 miles on foot then he will be the first person to do so.

Levison Wood: A long walk along the Nile

He will be travelling through 6 different countries but the exact numbers depend on the final route. Now this time he wants to follow  the bank of  river more closely.

So that is why the route is like this. He will be going through Uganda, South Sudan , Sudan, Rwanda, Tanzania and Egypt. He also knows that the Journey will not be that fun but still he wants to do it. He will be passing through Snowy mountains, Deserts and Jungle. “It will be life time experience for me”– he says.

Freaky Travel wishes him Best of Luck for his Journey and looking forward to hear more news on his Journey.

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