Baby Jumping Festival

Country Spain
Place Castrillo de Murcia, Burgos
Frequency Annually
When Sunday following Corpus Christi. 2 June 2013; 22 June 2014; 7 June 2015
No of Days 1 day


Baby Jumping festival is a traditional festival having its roots from 1620 onwards, celebrated in the Castrillo de Murcia Village near Burgos. Its a several day festival but the most important day is the Sunday after the celebration of Catholic festival “Corpus Chisti”.

The idea behind the festival is that the the Grownup men who are the jumpers , dresses in their devil costumes and when they leap evil follows them and the babies soul are cleansed. Only the babies who are born in the previous 12 months are allowed to participate.


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Only 4 babies are allowed at a time to avail this service. As far as i am concerned i think it is ridiculous. New born babies are the image of God only , then how it can be affected by devil, then how even this question has arises. The people are dressed in Red and Yellow costumes considered as devil dress. Its totally pathetic.

But on the other side its the tradition and so the people are celebrating and following it.

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