A Job can wait but Travel cannot

A Job can wait but Travel cannot


I heard many times people saying that they are getting sucked at their job. Yet I don’t know why they are clinging to the same job that draws. What’s the reasoning behind this? Is money being the only cause? If this is the answer than it is directly proportioned to our happiness. And If it is directly proportion than why people are not happy and saying it draws.

Travel is important than your upcoming task, which does not permit you to move. You can clear a pile but it cannot buy you a happiness. If you truly feel that your spirit is going worse than this is the best time to Quit or get a year gap but does not submit it. Because it will change your life for the better. Let’s find out what it will do to you:

  • It will make you a better person. Because when you move around you get hold of the best of the best decisions. And for that decision, you are exclusively responsible.
  • You get out of your comfort zone when you trip. Then, you come to know yourself more than earlier. You come to recognize your strengths and weakness.
  • When you travel, you should trust strangers. Hence immediately you start trusting people whom you don’t know too.
  • Besides, while traveling you can come across something which you want to get along.
  • When you will be back, you will have a lot of stories. Thus, right away you have your stories to differentiate rather than hashing out your boring task.
  • You will gain a lot of real friends, which you have very less in your liveliness.
  • The most important- it will make you hungry. Every wanderlust will understand what thirst, I am speaking about.
  • Now you will stop spending on things which lasts only for a moment.
  • Now you have patience also. Because you might ‘find yourself’ while waiting at a bus stop for a day and getting nothing. Or, you might not. But you’ll discover something else. Something important to remember. Patience.
  • Seating in a Cubicle will make you a boring person or may be a slave, but travel will make you a safer individual. It will provoke you every time to take risks and be successful.

Yes, A Job can wait, but travel cannot.



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