Boryeong Mud Festival – Playing with Mud. R u serious !



Country South Korea
Place Boryeong, around 200 km from Seoul
Frequency Annual
When Between 14th to 25th July
No of days For max 2 Weeks



Boryeong Mud Festival: More fun than Tomatina?



What’s weird in this ?

In 1996, in Korea a lot of cosmetics are produced using mud from Boryeong mud flats. These cosmetics are very much popular because it contains minerals that are good for our skins. In order to promote these cosmetics the mud festival was conceived- As per Wikipedia

The first festival was held in 1998 , in July 16th to 19th for 4 days. Through this festival , it was also hoped that people would learn more about mud and the cosmetics. It attracted not only Koreans but many foreigners also. People from all over the world come to Boryeong during summer for this festival. In 2007 a record of 2.2million people  visited the place.

The city host the famous festival on Daecheon Beach. The mud is sourced from mud flats nearby. There are mud pools, mud prisons and skiing competitions. Body painting is also there with the beautifully colored mud as a part of the festival.

The video above will give the clear picture , created by one of the participants of this festival – Melvin Perry

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